2023: Two Digital Marketing Trends
to Watch Out For

The last 3 years saw a spike in online marketing, accelerated by lockdowns and a shift to remote work. This set the stage for how companies brand themselves in the online space in 2023. Let us discuss a few important trends that companies need to watch out for in the coming year.

Content Marketing For Long Form Informative Content.

In the pursuit of attracting eyeballs and standing out online, businesses often rely on tactics that interrupt audiences when they consume their preferred content. Think popups offering discounts when reading a product blog or an ad for a service that is played right before a YouTube video.

A more effective long-term strategy would be to develop content that carefully answers specific queries that a consumer has about the products or services they have purchased. In-depth informative blogs and explainer videos are good examples of this. This type of content is consumed when a customer has a question and searches for an appropriate answer. Since this content is not served as an ad, it appears to be much more trustworthy. 

Such content can create a positive association in consumers’ minds as it informs and helps consumers rather than being a sales pitch. It can also showcase a company’s thought leadership in a subject area, and bolster credibility and trust among stakeholders and consumers. This is vital in the online space. This also makes content marketing a reliable way of generating ROI when marketing digitally. 

This brings us to our next top digital marketing trend for 2023 – seamless and personalized Omnichannel Marketing.

Seamless, Highly Personalized Omnichannel Marketing

The idea of omnichannel marketing isn’t new. Yet, the next generation of consumers expect to interact with a brand across any platform they prefer. 

To meet this expectation successfully, businesses must ensure they can deliver highly personalized customer experiences across several online and offline customer touchpoints in order to retain this new generation of customers. 

To do so, they must design these experiences to allow customers to transition between several marketing channels in a fluid manner, both in normal and hybrid contexts.

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